Word Cloud from the 2016 Annual Conference

Word Cloud Analysis from the SCMEC 2016 Conference

During the 2016 Annual SCMEC Conference, Megan Swartz and Ani Mardakhanian hosted a Round Robin session entitled, “Performance Improvement for your CME Program.” During this very interactive session, Megan and Ani encouraged attendees to brainstorm using LEAN theories. After the conference, Ani compiled the results of the brainstorming using a free website to create the word clouds…see link below. (Note: There are many other similar free websites as well to create word clouds.)


The first word cloud lists the keywords/ideas we collected when we asked “What Value Does CME Provide to Customers”


This second graphic shows is how our attendees plan to apply concepts learned as a result of attending this session.

We encourage others to share their own word clouds or other methods that they have used to analyze the results of interactive sessions!